\ Haji Gulam Mohammad Azam Education Trust - Hostel

Terms & Conditions

  1. The accommodation provided in the hostel is for 12 months only i.e. from 1st June to 31st May every year.
  2. Hostel admissions are available through http://azamtrust.org only.
  3. Payment for hostels of Haji Gulam Mohammed Azam Education Trust can be made through Online payment, Cash or DD. Demand Draft can be made in favour of HAJI GULAM MOHD AZAM EDUCATION TRUST (A/c. No. 50200019533799) payable at Pune.
  4. Payment for hostels of Maharashtra Medical Education & Research Centre can be made through Online payment, Cash or DD. Demand Draft can be made in favour of MAHARASHTRA MEDICAL EDUCATION & RESEARCH CENTRE (A/c. No. 50200019684240) payable at Pune.
  5. Medical Report, Bonafide Certificate and 3 Photographs must be submitted along with the admission form.
  6. Non compliance of procedure will lead to cancellation of admission.
  7. In case of admission cancelled, necessary charges will be deducted.
  8. Discipline and Peaceful atmosphere should be maintained.
  9. Ragging within or outside the Institution / Hostel / Campus is strictly prohibited according to the Maharashtra Prohibition of Ragging Act. 1999. Any student, if found indulged in ragging directly or indirectly, strict action will be taken against the student, which may include filing of police complaint/rustication.
  10. In the event of misbehavior, appropriate action will be taken by the management.
  11. Leaving the hostel before the term, should be informed at least 15 days in advance.
  12. The management has full right to transfer the student from one hostel to another.
  13. Cooking, making tea on stove/gas, heater or kerosene lamp in the room is not allowed.
  14. Late coming or leaving without information is not allowed.
  15. Any change in the existing electric connections or other fixtures is not allowed.
  16. Hostelites should not use electric stove, iron etc.
  17. Consumption of Drugs/Alcoholic drinks will immediately lead to expulsion from the hostel.
  18. Smoking is strictly prohibited.
  19. All lights to be put off at the prescribed timing given by the management.
  20. Hostelites should keep the room and surroundings neat and tidy at all time.
  21. No hostelite is allowed to change the arrangement of the furniture provided in their room.
  22. Visiting hours for outsiders prescribed by the management should be strictly followed.
  23. As water supply is limited, students should consume it economically.
  24. Damaging the hostel property will lead to strict action/penalty.
  25. The decision of management will be final on all matters relating to hostel accommodation.
  26. Guest room facility is available for parents/relatives of the hostelites.